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Lupulin Brewing’s debuting ‘Verticality’ series featuring Vertical Malt

Lupulin Brewing will be releasing the first beer in a new experimental series called “Verticality” this week.

The new series will use malts from a local supplier, Vertical Malt, to create craft beers using locally grown ingredients. The craft malting company is located in the Red River Valley, near Fisher, Minnesota, and was started by Adam Wagner and his father Tim Wagner. Lupulin head brewer Aaron Zierdt was turned on to Vertical Malt, which offers a variety of malts grown at the Wagner family’s farm, early this year.

“After having a beer this summer made with Vertical Malt that I really enjoyed, I reached out to find out more about the possibility of working with them in the future,” says Zierdt. “Adam and I corresponded over several weeks to get to know one another and about our respective businesses. Finally, after a visit to the taproom by Adam, tasting malt samples, and going over the malt analysis, I designed the recipe for Verticality #1 and placed the order.”

Verticality #1 is a pale ale featuring 100% Vertical Malt combined with Styrian Golding hops and comes in at 6.3% ABV and 40 IBU. It will be available at Lupulin’s taproom starting Wednesday, October 19.

“We’re excited about the first iteration in this new series and looking forward to crafting many new beers in the future with Vertical Malt, as well as other, locally produced ingredients,” Zierdt states.

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